Blue Mountains Private Guided Tours

The Blue Mountains are situated northwest of Sydney, Australia in New South Wales (NSW) within easy driving distance by car. A road trip from the city to the Blue Mountains National Park takes about 2 hours one way.

Because there are so many interesting things to see and do in the Blue Mountains, this is a popular day trip for both local Sydneysiders and visitors to the area to undertake. The Blue Mountains offer scenic waterfalls, lush forestlands to explore, excellent hiking and bushwalk opportunities and exciting chances to view gorgeous birds and fascinating wildlife.

Blue Mountains National Park

Anyone who wants to try an easy yet worthwhile hike might be interested in visiting the Blue Mountains National Park, which is a Unesco World Heritage site. Blue Mountains day tours are available and are ideal for people who want to ensure they see all the most noteworthy aspects of this multi-faceted destination.

Many visitors are attracted to the park for the abundant wildlife to be found there. The park is a birder’s paradise, with opportunities to view glossy black-cockatoos, swift parrots, multiple owl species and numerous other birds. You’re also likely to spot kangaroos, koalas, sugar gliders, feathertail gliders, wallabies and countless other wild creatures in the park.

The Three Sisters Rock Formations

One of the park’s scenic highlights is an impressive grouping of three rock formations in the Katoomba area, known as the Three Sisters. This landmark has been acknowledged as being an Aboriginal place of significance.

Bushwalks for All Skill Levels

Walking in the Blue Mountains can be as easy or challenging as you want it to be. There are easy-to-navigate, beginner-level walking trails that include scenic overlooks; there are also moderately hard trails and outright challenging trails.

The park receives frequent praise for its broad accessibility. Some of the best trails in the park are even wheelchair accessible.

Scenic World

If you want to see amazing views of the Blue Mountains region, including the Three Sisters rock formations, Katoomba Falls and the Jamison Valley, consider making a stop at Scenic World. This destination offers you the chance to gaze down at the Blue Mountains from the comfort of the Scenic Skyway, which is an impressively large aerial cable car.

You also have the option to make an adventurous descent down the mountainside into the Jamison Valley if you opt to take a ride on the Scenic Railway. This attraction is noteworthy for being the steepest passenger railway to have ever been constructed on planet earth.

The Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are nestled in the Blue Mountains World Heritage wilderness area. This is a worthwhile destination to consider visiting if you’d enjoy a physically strenuous adventure caving challenge. Your caving experience would require you to clamber up rocks, crawl through awe-inspiring natural rock formations and squeeze yourself into an assortment of tight spaces.

Parramatta River Cruise

Some Blue Mountains day trips face a dilemma: The stretch of highway that lies between Parramatta and the CBD is usually congested. Sitting in traffic isn’t exactly the most fun way to spend a portion of your holiday.

The solution: Skip driving along that portion of the highway. Instead, opt to travel by water, and take a ferry or a river cruise. You can depart from Sydney Harbour to go to the Parramatta River; it is also possible to embark from Parramatta to return back to the Circular Quay at the city centre.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park is located in the Doonside suburbs between Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and it’s a popular stopping point along the way. If you would like to feed a kangaroo, pet an adorable koala or interact with a variety of other Australian wildlife, Featherdale is an attraction you’re likely to enjoy. If you go there, you’ll have the chance to get to know wombats, wallabies, Tasmanian Devils and many other interesting creatures up close.

Taking a Blue Mountains Tour vs Going on Your Own

If you aren’t already intimately familiar with the Blue Mountains area, there are several reasons you might wish to take a Blue Mountains tour instead of going on your own. For starters, when you go with a knowledgeable tour guide, you won’t have to fumble with maps or worry about getting lost. You’ll also have the company of an insider who can explain all the interesting details about the area to you and your group. Tour prices can vary dramatically, but you may also find that it is less expensive to take a tour than it is to hire a car to travel to the Blue Mountains all the way from the city.

Organising a private, small group guided tour will give you a substantial amount of flexibility over the trip’s itinerary.  This will empower you to choose the aspects of the Blue Mountains that you’d most like to experience. Perhaps your group would like to spend most of your time out on bushwalks in search of kangaroos, wombats and koalas – or maybe you’d prefer to spend time sightseeing in the charming village of Leura, perhaps stopping to check out the Everglades Garden along the way.

Here at the Road Trip Oz, we put you in control of where you want to go and what you want to see on your Australian holiday. We provide you with a knowledgeable private tour guide who will take you on a customised adventure of your own choosing. When you travel with us, you’ll be able to create a Blue Mountains tour that specifically includes all the sights you want to see, with stops at any of the surrounding areas that might interest you.

We invite you to get in touch if you’d like to work with us on putting together a special tour just for you and your group. Feel free to call us on +61 3 8678 1866 to discuss your travel bucket list, ask us any questions you may have or book a tour.