Sydney Tours

When you ask frequent travellers to name which city on earth is the most beautiful, Sydney, Australia is usually high at the top of the list of responses. There’s no doubt that this exciting city, located in New South Wales (NSW), is a visual delight. As a coastal city, Sydney’s dazzling Harbour and beaches feature prominently in the imagery that most frequently portrays the region’s character.

Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) is an ideal starting point for a broad variety of interesting day trips, sightseeing tours and city tours. This is the place to view some of the city’s most spectacular architecture, including numerous skyscrapers and high rise buildings.

One noteworthy landmark in the area is the Sydney Tower, the tallest structure in the city. The Tower Eye poised on the upper level offers visitors one of the best views of the area. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another fantastic place to discover a range of dramatic city views.

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